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Data Waltz is a platform that spatializes the interplay between people and data, staging an encounter between the digital and physical environment. This interactive space acts as a medium for exploring the cause-and-effect relationship between our actions and information. 

The installation creates a spatial feedback system for engaging with Wikipedia live updates, allowing visitors to follow and produce content from their interactions with the gallery’s physical environment. Light, sound, and fabric contextualize the direction and volume of user-generated event data in relation to the WUHO gallery located in Los Angeles, creating an interface that allows participants to dance with dynamic bodies of knowledge. 

Visitors are encouraged to create and edit content using web enabled devices within the gallery while simultaneously following the updates of others across the globe. Passersby can interact with the space from Hollywood Boulevard, forming an urban relationship between the gallery and city. Data Waltz synthesizes into a spatial experience the various layers of information that constitute our digital and physical terrain and situates visitors within a waltz between data and denizens. 

Exhibit by Nate Imai, Matthew Conway, Rachel Lee, and Max Wong

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Data Waltz

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Does data shape us, or do we shape datascapes – who is the lead in this dance with data?